Revolution is a woman

Revolution is a woman

To all my sisters in Poland protesting against the ban on abortion, to all the sisters worldwide that see their rights being violated every day. To all women and non-binary people who feel discriminated – revolution has many faces, but I believe now it is a woman. Women’s rights are human rights. As much as the politicians and lawmakers can hide behind a slogan “I haven’t met any LGBTQ+ person, so I don’t know what you’re talking about” (as it happened in Poland, where queer people were called “ideology”), they can’t claim they’ve never met a woman in their life. That one fact unites us all – everyone person reading these words had a mother. So it’s the right time to finally recognize women as an important part of society! Without them there wouldn’t be anyone here talking.

I created this illustration as I wanted to show women of different ethnicities and body shapes, fighting together for their rights. I also noticed that a lot of posters supporting women’s rights had no clear evidence that any of the women illustrated are mothers. And as much as I agree that women’s rights should be respected no matter if you decide to have kids or not, I also want to remind everyone that the women protesting very often have kids and families. They’re not some “angry feminists wanting to defeat men”, they’re our mothers, daughters, sisters… Who are fed up with someone else deciding on their lives and their wombs. Revolution is a woman, so fuck off patriarchy, we’re going at you.

#slaypatriarchy #dziewuchydziewuchom #womensrightsarehumanrights #cantbelieveihavetoprotestthisshit

revolution is a woman


Download the poster in English: revolution_is_a_woman

(PL) Pobierz plakat po polsku: rewolucja_jest_kobieta_plakat