20 Best Niche Lingerie & Loungewear Brands – Updated 2022

20 Best Niche Lingerie & Loungewear Brands – Updated 2022

I’m a big lingerie fan and I believe it can do magic to your self-esteem.


  • 1) it’s hidden under your clothes, so you wear it just for yourself, not to prove anything to anyone else
  • 2) even though it’s hidden, you remember about it and it’s a reminder that your body is worthy of something pretty that doesn’t play any other role than to be pleasurable to you.

Please, do me a favor, and next time you buy new underwear pick something because you like the way you look in it (or since you can’t try it on now, how you imagine yourself in it).

Give yourself this gift of attention, pay tribute to your own sensuality and sexuality. I’ve heard from women coming to my boudoir photo shoots that a visit to a lingerie store can already do so much to make you feel good in your body – it can remind you that your body is not just a mere vehicle for all the thoughts and activities, but a temple on its own – cherish it.

Disclaimer: I’m only sharing here brands that I personally truly like, I’m not getting paid for any of the links.


On their website Aikyou claim: “We think small busts are wonderful just the way they are. That’s why we create our lingerie in absolutely special designs just for that reason: bras, which make you and your small boobs feel feminine and simply great, without any underwiring or push-ups.” They do provide some padding though if you like it.

Bras starting from 59.90€, panties from 29.90€


A brand from Poland (Polish pride in me growing strong!) that offers shipping to EU and bras in sizes from B to L (or maybe even further, depends on the model)! I love that their designs are so inclusive – the same bra style is available in all these different sizes. Finally my friends with fuller bust can forget about tent-like bra design and embrace sexy lingerie and playful cuts.

The only problem – you might need to use auto-translate mode in your browserm as their website is in Polish

Prices: bras start at around 43€, panties at around 21€

talk under light underwear

Talk under light

They promise soft undewear made of organic cotton using natural dyes that breathes with your skin. “Our garments seek women’s emotional contact with their clothing and with the Earth. A return to valuing what we do and how we do it. It is about loving the world again and loving ourselves.” – a truly mindful approach that’s visible on their photos as well. Plus: they have gender neutral items as well.

Prices: bras starting at 59,90€ for bra/top, briefs starting at 25€

Savara Intimates

It was created by Dutch woman, Eva van Schijndel, after she graduated from the University and despite having “the perfect job”, she found herself wanting to do something meaningful and beautiful. She recalls her morning thought process: “Wake up, shower, walk to my underwear drawer and the challenge starts. Which bra will fit my cloths? Which one has no stabbing wires yet? Which one fit me this moment of the month and is also charming so I don’t have to cover it up for my boyfriend? What kind of material is this, which makes me all sweaty after biking to the office? Who actually made this?”. One day she took a sewing machine and started putting her ideas into reality – and that’s how Savanna Intimates started. Every bra has straps which can be adjusted to your underbust size – goodbye to badly fitting bra! Did I mentions that they’re also sustainable? And feature unphotoshopped images of their wonderfully diverse models? Bravo Savara!

Prices: Slip from 25€, bralette from 55€

Moons and Junes

“Danish brand that recently started their Unapologetic campaign which I love with all my heart: “Many of us struggle to express ourselves unapologetically, especially when we’re dressing down, being sexual and when the two intersect. We encourage you to express your love & romantic life unapologetically whatever it looks like in this present moment.” The photos are bold, steamy and yes, unapologetic – showing female bodies the way they really are. Furthermore, you can explore on their website the #bitsandboobs gallery – a space where women can share unretouched photos of their chest area (join the project if you want!). Did I mention that they also produce colorful, minimal and wire-free underwear that fits all sizes? Well, they do that as well. Every model has photos of women wearing each possible size – so that you really can imagine how it would look on you.

Prices: Panties 39€, Bra 61€

Essentials for Zula

Family-run label – Austria-Thai born designer Delie teamed with her father to create essential pieces that would fit into any women’s closet. Their fabrics are locally sourced, woven and dyed in Thailand, produced by a small team of fair paid seamstresses and tailors. You can choose from wide range of bralettes, bodysuits, active and swimwear. To me their trade mark is the multi-strap look – what they can do with straps is really amazing!

Prices: Bralettes starting at 34€, Leggins starting at 49€

Morrow and Mint

Morrow and Mint brings the sexy mom back! I’ve never seen bras that would make breast feeding so easy, while still looking like a sexy piece of lingerie. Bravo for that! They even have a model fitted for breast pumps!

Prices: Nursing bras starting at 38,79€, bras from 36€, 7-day panties pack 58,19€ (now on discount for 32,33€).

The Nude Label

All pieces are locally made in Valencia, Spain from organic cotton free of chemicals or recycled polyamid (swimwear). “As we love mama earth, our goal is to make the least possible impact on the planet. We do also love the people living on it and that’s why ethics are so important to us. Taking the best of both places, our pieces are made to be as natural as possible and to be worn like a second skin by all kind of people, not just for perfect models.” – yes to that! I love how simple yet creative they are with the designs. And their body positive photo shoots are truly stunning!

Prices: Panties starting from 15€, bras from 35€

Oil Paint Leggings with extra Hip-Bag BOOCHEN


Boochen is mainly focused on swimwear, but I wanted to feature them here because of their leggings: wonderful all over prints, made from materials reclaimed from sea waste in a small fair studio in Hongkong. Their products use Lycra® Extra Life –  fibers that protect you from the UV light (SPF 50) and, at the same time extend the life span of the product 5 times!

Prices: leggings for 89€


“We only use sustainable materials such as recycled polyester, recycled wool, lyocell and organic cotton. All our packaging, paper and polybags are either recycled or biodegradable. Most of our products are vegan approved, and if not, it is because it is recycled (wool) or a waste resource (milk). Fair working conditions and fair wages are human rights. Therefore, we only work with certified factories. We love women, of all kinds and sizes, and our goal is to make you feel as beautiful and comfortable as possible.” – when I read that kind of introduction, I know they are my type of brand. In addition they happen to provide a wide range of amazing lingerie, loungewear and swimwear. I’m in love with their colorful bralettes – I can’t decide which one to try out first: the mint, coral or lime.

Prices: Panties starting at 37,50€ (but they have great discounts now), Bras starting at 40€ (also good discounts now)

Underprotection underwear


The founders, Fran & Naomi couldn’t find underwear that any body could feel comfortable in, regardless of where they fell on the size or gender spectrum. So they started TomboyX – size and gender inclusive underwear and lounge wear.And it’s also sustainable! Dream come true if you would like some comfy colorful underwear.

Prices: briefs starting at 17,95€, soft bras for 28,95€, compression top for 37,95€.

Erlich Textil

Their main motto is “Do it with love” – love for details, quality, and everyone involved in the creation of the product. Erlich provides on their website extensive information about the clothes: what eco friendly materials they use, explaining the price, introducing the team and giving advice on how to take care of their clothing (all in German though). All your family can wear Erlich from head to toe, but I wanted to focus on their women’s underwear and loungewear: simple and pretty classics in basic colors. All made of organic cotton, modal or linen.

Prices: Bras from 22,95€, Panties from 15,95€

Erlich Textil
Dora Larsen Lingerie

Dora Larsen

“Dora Larsen lingerie is devoted to colour. Each item in each collection features subtly created colours that are unique to us: shell pink, lilac grey, snorkel blue, saffron, moss. Colour can be soothing, amusing, rebellious or uplifting. The magic lies in how the colours are combined.” – we read on their website. And it is true – surprising color combinations turn traditional lacy lingerie into festive subversive garments. There’s statement jewelry, now it’s time for statement underwear!

Prices: Briefs starting from £22, bras starting from £42


A brand started by sisters focusing on no-feel underwear and lounge wear made of organic bamboo. If you’re looking for something that you can walk all day and even do your yoga practice, have a look at their website. They get some extra points from me for body positive campaign including women of different shapes and races 🙌 Handmade in Brno, Czech Republic.

Prices: Panties start at 400 Kč (around 15€), bras start at 950 Kč (around 35€)

Corpus (@corpus.lingerie)

The Slow Label

If you’re looking for basic clothes that will last long and you would want to be sure they were made in a sustainable way – The Slow Label is there for you. Their products are ethically made in Bangladesh, and hand printed in Germany. They’re very transparent about their sources – you can easily read the details on the website and learn how each part of the production process is being handled. What do they offer? Everyday lounge and active wear in multiple colors – minimal, made of organic cotton or recycled polyester.

Prices: Bra 38€, Leggins 68€, Sweatshirt 89€ (but they’re on discount now for 75€)


Boob Design

“The idea of Boob was born on a cold and windy autumn day in 1999, when I watched my sister breastfeed her newborn son with the north wind sweeping around her bare waist. There and then, I realized that mothers, like all super heroes, deserve the right gear.” – writes Mia Seipel, the founder of Boob Design. I couldn’t agree more! They have patented nursing collection for mothers in all stages, made of sustainable materials 100% tested for harmful chemicals. Plus: you can find articles to help you determine which underwear is most suitable for your stage.

Prices: Nursing bra starting from 49,95€, Soft Support Briefs 29,95€, Nursing Tank Tops from 44,95€


Boob Design Loungewear and Underwear for Moms

Coco Malou

Fair lingerie brand from Germany, producing in Portugal from sustainable materials. They offer delicate lacy lingerie and nightwear covering all sizes. Plus: they plant a tree after every set is sold, in cooperation with WeForest.

Prices: briefs starting at 29,90€, bralettes at 59,90€


When it comes to bras, nothing is more important than a good fit! The founder of Brajuu, Melanie, knows the problem from her own experience and decided to create a platform where you could not only buy bras, but first and foremost learn how to pick the right size. Take the quiz on Brajuu website and learn how to measure yourself properly to choose the right bra. Bonus points for showing unphotoshopped women of all ages and sizes in their ads!

Prices: bras starting at 29,95€, briefs from 18,90€.

Girls Watch Porn

The name says it all. Bold, tongue-in-cheek designs for people of all gender from a brand started by best friends, both named Paulina (sic!) in Poland. “Talking about romantic love, like the one seen in American romantic comedies, they concluded that not every woman dreams of a prince on a white horse and bouquets of roses.” Hell yeah, time to express our sexuality freely.

Prices: briefs 69 PLN (around 15€), tops starting from 69PLN (around 15€).


These are not just lingerie items, they’re wearable art pieces, so it’s a higher price range. But at the same time you know that it’s sustainable and the company pays fair wages to their workers. “Our production company is female led, based in Romania and employs 90% female workers.” – that’s true feminism! The founder, Agathe D. Muffert speaks about her clients: “The Opaak woman likes her luxury understated. I design for her who looks for comfort, but never at the sacrifice of style. (…) The Opaak woman plays with what she knows. She can not be described in a stereotype and there is no need to put one’s finger on a specific age.”

Prices: Panties starting from 62€, bras from 88€ (but they have nice sales)

Opaak underwear


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Berlin Boudoir Xmas Gifts Guide

Berlin Boudoir Xmas Gifts Guide

Originally sent out as a newsletter – if you would like to get such posts ahead of everyone else, please subscribe to my newsletter on the bottom of the page.

I’m happy to present you (pun intended) a curated list of gift ideas.

I spent time searching for small, local brands and people, who do amazing things, but can easily be forgotten when we think of buying gifts. I want to give a big shout out to them – truly making a difference with their talent and dedication. If I would be to pick one main purpose of Berlin Boudoir community is to elevate each other – and that’s what I hope to achieve with this newsletter and this gift guide.

I decided to create 6 gift “personalities“: The Bold & Beautiful, The Explorer, The Art Lover, The Fun Loving, The Mindful Spirit, The Curious – hoping that you will find there gifts for anyone. At the end I attach a list of gifts that keep on giving – charity organizations and ideas that need your support. In the end that’s all what this whole Holiday season is about: taking care, spreading warmth and empowering each other.

The Bold & Beautiful

The Bold and Beautiful
The Bold & Beautiful is open, happy to explore their sensuality and sexuality, likes to be a bit provocative and enjoys beautiful objects. Even better if they bring pleasure!

1. XConfessions – Erika Lust’s powerhouse bringing porn to a new level: stories are crowdsourced, videography is stunning (forget the ultra HD badly lit shots) and the diversity you’ll rarely see in mainstream porn is a given. Subscription based.

2. Badass prints with Lita Guijarro – give these hairy ladies some love they deserve!

3. Bon Appetit panties by a small Polish brand Girls Watch Porn started by two female friends, going against stereotypes and heteronormative understanding of sex and pleasure

4. Sitre – vegan, natural, edible and incredibly velvety feeling sex gel – to use in any situation

5. Vesper – who said that you’re vibrator can’t double down as a necklace? Designed by insanely talented Ti Chang is a strong argument for women taking pleasure in their own hands. And necks.

6. Brush from Sexual Healing – small Dutch brand on a mission to make sex pleasurable for everyone, also people having to overcome their traumas

7. In Her Rooms by photographer Maria Clara Macri – “In an attempt to give women back their nakedness by untying the body from its sexual objectification, the author has travelled the world immortalizing girls of different origins and social backgrounds, naked in their bedrooms.” Bonus tip: You can get it in Do you read me? bookstore in Berlin.

8. Anatomy of the Clitoris poster designed by Bruna Silva, founder of International Women in Berlin.

The Explorer

The Explorer

The Explorer feels best when surrounded by nature, loves to travel and discover the world. They excel at being a tourist in their own neighborhood, finding hidden gems and unique beauty in the ordinary.

1. The Jungle – set of two prints by the local Berlin artist Ieva But

2. Staycation Collection – Emily, the founder of Staycation Collection, will make sure your next vacation is going to be unforgettable with her curated collection of wonderful stays and personal approach. Subscription based.

3. Soap SoopSoop(숲) means ‘the forest’ in Korean, and is the main source of inspiration for this 100% natural, vegan artisan soap made locally in Berlin.

4. Wort & Schatz 2022 desk calendar – beautiful collaboration between illustrator Laura Martin and creative all-rounder Carla Bonomini, this interactive calendar teaches you 12 untranslatable German words throughout the year.

5. Whale Mug from Two Thirds – a cute porcelain mug from one of my favorite sustainable brands.

6. You Better Be Lightning by Andrea Gibson – “a queer, political, and feminist collection guided by self-reflection. The poems range from close examination of the deeply personal to the vastness of the world, exploring the expansiveness of the human experience from love to illness, from space to climate change, and so much more in between.”

7. All-in Planer-Set Wild Flowers by Karoline Kohle – illustrator, activist and propagator of slow living.

The Art Lover

The Art Lover

The Art Lover loves, well, art, as well as anything beautiful and meaningful at the same time. Sophisticated color combinations, patterns, objects with history will make them sigh in awe.

1. Follow Women wall calendar 2022 by Nadia Linek – 12 colorful portraits and quotes by inspiring women, beautifully illustrated in this limited edition calendar by Polish illustrator living in Berlin

2. Floating Fertility Figurine Pendant – gold-plated silver pendant inspired by a marble Fertility Figure discovered in modern-day Anatalia, Turkey dating back to 5000-4000 B.C. <While some think that these statues represent fertility, others believed that they functioned as “as goddess figures, religious or shamanistic objects, or symbols of a matriarchal social organization.”> Created by Sister – a platform for curated products made by Cyprus-based craftsmen, supporting old artisan trades.

3. Agua by Denisse Ariana Perez – the first photobook from Caribbean-born, Barcelona-based photographer, simply a work of art.

4. The Mirror and the Palette by Jennifer Higgie – hushed away to make space for art history led by men, now female artists are brought back to life by Jennifer Higgie with their “tales of rebellion, adventure, revolution, travel and tragedy enacted by women who turned their back on convention and lived lives of great resilience, creativity and bravery.”

5. Shell serving bowl by Motel a Miio – hand-sculpted limited edition bowl. One of the objects you don’t really need, but want for their beauty.

6. Prima Ballerina Bubbles on Green Print – I love the Polish brand Risk Made in Warsaw as they’re not only sustainable, but think of different body types when designing their cuts. I own this skirt and must admit it stays true to the promise – comfy like your favorite sweat, but looks fancy af.

The Fun Loving

The Fun Loving

The Fun Loving is your go-to person when you want to laugh, see the world in bright colors and forget the long cold Berlin winter. They’ll always have ways to cheer you up, as they simply refuse to have any rain on their parade.

1. Can’t Do This Sober from Very Ugly Plates – a brand started by Polish artist Kamilek Majcher mixing delicious sarcasm and irony with the straight-up kitch of painted tableware.

2. L.E. Maya Tee @elizabetholwen & Yak – Lucy & Yak is a brand that makes colorful non-gendered clothes and features the most wonderful people wearing them in their look books.

3. Fra Lippo Lippie – if you want some color, here it is! In the form of vegan and super resistant lipstick made by Berlin beauty Monique.

4. Handmade polymer clay earrings by Bloom and Boom Studio – local Berlin business, handmade with love by Sandra.

5. Genau Tote Bag by Roy Draws – you might have seen his unicorns if you live in Berlin. Now you can be a proud expat walking around with your own Genau Einhorn.

6. In Loving Memory of When I Gave a Shit T-Shirt by Bad Moms Club – it’s self-explanatory. Wear with joy.

7. Recovering Loveaholic novel – dating in Berlin can be hard, but can be also very fun when told by a talented writer like Serita Braxton.

8. Creative Women’s Circle Deep Dive workshop – if your inner critic is stopping you from being creative, this workshop is for you. Join the safe space guided by Jess, painter and teacher, and see where it takes you.

The Mindful Spirit

The Mindful Spirit

The Mindful Spirit is always looking for the deeper connections between things and people. Prefers looking for questions rather than answers, to better understand ourselves and the world we live in. Believes that slow, mindful approach in life can bring balance and freedom.

  • 1. Garden of Eden by Iza Buleczka – print of a dreamy illustration, which its author describes: “I created Eden for escape. I created it out of a longing for what is magical, afar. For what does not pass, what feels like roots of my heart. This place is unhurried, beautiful and free. A place where I don’t get to decide, where nature has its plan for everything and I completely surrender to it. And I invite you there – so that you can sometimes run into the garden and watch mushroom-flowers, lizards and toucans. You will feel good here, pleasure is the highest good here.“

    2. This Too Shall Pass by Julia Samuel – a wonderful book about approaching any change, transition in life: how to welcome it, and cope with it and find the calm while in the middle of it.

    3. Ocean Wave Leggings by Boochen – comfy and sustainable, made of pre- and post-consumer waste like fishing nets and plastic bottles

    4. Handful Clay Meditation Kit – Anke, founder of Handful writes: “With this kit you are invited to feel the potential of clay as a material to nurture your own body. This kit celebrates the process, not a physical outcome. The reward can be found within you, and the insights you gained. It will make your soul grow.“

  • 5. Bellflower Necklace by Wolf & Moon – delicate pendant made using engraved mirror brass and wood in the small London studio

    6. Slow Down Socks by Girlfriend Collective – made from recycled water bottles

    7. Non-performative yoga practice by Abiola Akanni – set of 8 videos to practice at home. Non-performative yoga is about the process, not the way you look or how well you get into a position. Abiola writes: “As black folx we’ve been conditioned to strive to survive, and perform to show our worth. So much so that rest feels unsettling. This Yoga Journey creates space for us to find comfort in being, instead of validation in doing. By affirming the body and releasing our inner critic we begin to cultivate a state of calm in non-performance.“ One time payment for lifetime access.

    8. Dare to Be Curious card game by Kindred People – card game which helps you get into deeper, more meaningful conversations with people. And it’s so wonderfully designed!

    The Curious

    The Mindful Spirit

    The Curious is always hungry for more: broadening their horizons, seeing and listening more, understanding different viewpoints and learning new skills. This is the person that reads anything – from the list of ingredients on their facial cream to latest issue of their favorite magazine. If they buy something, it’s always a very thought through decision.

    1. Soft and Hard print by Carmen Reina – “I am covered in tattoos and
    sleep with my favorite plush” describes this print the author

    2. Mubi – what I call Netflix for the curious: independent movies and shorts which you won’t see in the mainstream platforms. Subscription based.

    3. Stud earring Daalee – made by the Mahwani family in North India in a small workshop collaborating with Jyoti Fair Works. Buying jewelry there you know you support the next generation of jewelry makers in their own region.

    4. Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez – a must-read to understand the world we live in. Even the order in which our streets are cleaned from snow affects women more than men, as a Swedish city learned. There are no gender-less problems unfortunately. The sooner we understand it, the better.

    6. Candle with Proust’s Madeleine inspired scent – “We created Proust’s Madeleine as a fragrance to underline the ability to somehow simply bend time and break the dichotomy between past and present through smell. Proust’s Madeleine smells likes a warm vanilla paired with earl grey tea and refreshed with a splash of bergamot. Light, airy, with a hint of decadence.“ Bravo Lit Lab Berlin!

    7. Sensuality Gift Set from Eros and Botany – Yoni Pleasure Butter, Nervine Tonic and Ritual Smokeblend – all to bring the sensual atmosphere and help you release the tension.

    8. DIY Revitalising and Cleansing Herbal Mask by Siriously Organic – suitable for all skin types, this set will help you create your own organic mask.

    Gifts that keep on giving

    • donate menstrual hygiene products in one of the collection boxes around Berlin – you can find the list here

    • help refugees stuck in the forest between Polish and Belarusian border by supporting Ocalenie Foundation


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