Hey, There!
I’m Monika.

  • As a 5-year old I wanted to have a 9-5 job as a princess, but quickly realized it might be hard to achieve. So I decided to become an artist instead.
  • I have MA in History of Art and BA in Photography/Graphic Arts. I started a PhD in photography as well, but never finished – decided I’m going to learn more from people I meet than in a lecture class.
  • I come from Krakow in Poland, and lived so far in Lisbon, Amsterdam and now Berlin – let’s see where I get next.
  • Berlin Boudoir started from my realization that all women, no matter what age, shape or size, have problems loving the way they look. I knew that as a photographer I can show them they don’t need to change anything to look and feel beautiful. And as a woman I understood what they might feel – I had problems accepting the way I look until I was 29.
  • I try to be as inclusive and diverse in my photography as I can, but I do make mistakes and learn all the time. Please let me know, if you find anything missing or inappropriate on my website.

Hope you will enjoy my art


Monika Kozub

Founder of Berlin Boudoir

My Mission

I want to show that every woman, regardless of their shape or age, is beautiful, worthy of being photographed and heard.

In the media:


    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    And you’re the beholder.

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