Inspired by the quote from Daisy Alioto “The girl boss is dead, long live the girl moss (lying on the floor of the forest and being absorbed back to nature).”

I think there’s been enough praising for pushing it through, leaning in and striving to become the most “successful” person in business. Don’t get me wrong – you do you, I’m not trying to discourage anyone from pursuing their dreams. But… didn’t we all get too much caught up in understanding success in close relation to our professional life?

When I have a speech about my f•ckup at Berlin Boss Babes event in April, I thought about the moment when I realized I don’t need to have it all at once: I can have my day job, that pays my bills, and do Berlin Boudoir on the side to fulfill my passion. Separating them gives me freedom and control, unlike when I was trying to combine making money from my passion and I ended up on the verge of burnout

At the moment I’m in upstate New York – small town where seemingly nothing happens, no tourist attractions. The old me would feel weird experiencing so little stimulations from the outside world. The girl boss in me would feel like I’m wasting my time 2.5h drive away from the center of New York City. But I let the girl boss in – and she’s so happy to learn the slow rhythm of nature, notice things that disappear in the bustling reality of any city.

I was always a city girl, but now I’m easing into the realization that I’m a moss girl too. And that time to slow down and unwind is priceless. I feel that as humans we have so much to learn from nature, in the end – we’re a part of it, however hard we worked to shift the focus elsewhere.

How do you feel about the girl boss / girl moss statement? Share with me in comments


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