I‘m a bit more quiet lately, taking my time to enjoy the nature and wild creatures surrounding me in upstate New York, where I‘m visiting my boyfriend‘s family. It‘s a true cuteness overload: squirrels, chipmunks, bunnies, humming birds, fireflies and – top it up – baby deer with mom. We called it Jewel, to not be gender presumptuous. But today it turned out that there are actually two fawns, not one. And we saw both of them in our garden. Looking through the window at one of the fawns sucking mom‘s udders, it made me wonder how incredible this miracle of life is. How does the fawn know right after its born that mom can provide food?

Observing their daily routines of the mama deer leaving the fawn for the day to hide (as it‘s not big and strong enough to follow its mom, and to distract potential predators from where it‘s hiding), then reuniting in the evening to spend the night together. Seeing how mama deer is calm, yet alert, and sometimes seems a bit annoyed /impatient, and how the fawn is full of energy, running around just for the sake of it, curious and carefree. I think that we‘re all so close to each other – deer, humans, bunnies… They learned to live with us, accepted our weird ways. Now it‘s time for us to learn their ways. I‘m taking notes and watching carefully.

Jewel fawn
Nature in balance


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