I was thinking recently of how we tend to associate pleasure with something guilty, sinful, that has to be limited. Whereas it should be otherwise: if something brings you pleasure, and you don’t hurt anyone, why shouldn’t you have as much as you want of it? Wouldn’t we all be just more at ease and happy if we would allow ourselves to have as much pleasure as we have? And it goes obviously beyond sex, any pleasure you can have in life. So let’s turn on all the senses and talk openly about pleasure.

For me pleasure is:

  • standing in the kitchen with a warm mug full of aromatic tea and looking through the window letting the time pass and my thoughts flow freely;
  • stroking my hand through long grass on a meadow;
  • smelling the skin scent of the person I love;
  • tasting the combination of tangy fresh fruits and velvety crème patisserie on a brittle buttery crust;
  • feeling the sunshine through my eyelids, binge watching period series/films;
  • dancing barefoot on our wooden living room floor;
  • walking fast down a busy city street with music in my headphones and feeling like I’m just in the intro to the movie about my life.


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