Dream come true thanks to Wysokie Obcasy and Katarzyna Seiler – to be among 50 Brave of 2021 makes me proud, honored and humbled. So many wonderful women and people, changing the world for better! I’m happy I can add my piece with Berlin Boudoir and showing women’s beauty and power.

Monika Kozub – for showing beauty and power of women without retouching

She started her work on the art project “Berlin Boudoir” in 2019. She decided to redefine boudoir photography and use it to show women that the beauty they consider unattainable, they already have in them. There are no stylists, hairdressers and make-up artists. – Women come to me looking exactly as they are every single day – natural, but they get to decide what natural means to them – she says. The photo shoot is an opportunity for them to be mindful with their body, hug it and caress it. Results of her work the artist shows on Instagram, sharing the body positivity idea. Apart from that she has a podcast “Boudoir Talk” and fights against menstrual stigma. Her photo of fingers put into a victory sign covered in period blood became a hit of the internet after Scotland announced that menstrual hygiene products would become available for free.

by Katarzyna Seiler, translated into English by Monika Kozub


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