There’s no better feeling than when you read something like that:

“Shout our to my friend Monika @berlinboudoir for making women like me feel BEAUTIFUL!⠀I never thought there was something wrong with my body. It’s a body, it’s the body that made me graduate, find a job, find people that love me and whom I love. However especially for a short and plumpy (thick but chic, clunky yet funky, you call it) person like me, it’s easy to fall in the trap and believe the people who think you don’t have the physique du rôle, that everything good you got in life, you got it despite those comic buttcheeks and those disastrous thighs.⠀
I often numb out and convince myself that my body and the perception I have of it are things that I shouldn’t take too seriously.⠀
But now I look at this picture and I feel empowered and fierce – I dare you prove me wrong and tell me I’m not beautiful 😉 I root for all the girls who have the hunger, and take seriously both the beauty and the brains. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can have only one, or else “you will intimidate them”.⠀
Be proud and let ’em eat it :D“

Thank you Eva! You make me believe in what I do and give me strength to continue against difficulties. BIG LOVE!

Eva hammock
Eva goddess
Eva fur
Eva disco
Eva misty


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