FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF this Valentine’s Day, because there’s no better gift for you and anyone you love than being happy and accepting with who and how you are.

MY STORY: It took me a long time to accept the way I look. I remember waking up and wishing I could see someone else in the mirror – I didn’t have a specific image I wanted, just something else, different. And of course, as probably any woman in the world, I used to dissect my body in my mind dividing between the ones I accept and would like to change immediately.

MY BREASTS was the hardest part for me to accept. I felt like I was only half-woman since my breasts are so small. I also didn’t fit in the skinny girl figure type, as my hips have grown quite a lot during puberty. For quite some time as a teenager I was hoping my breasts would catch up – never happened. Years and years I felt awkward when I had to switch clothes in changing room at a gym, avoided going to the beach, wearing spaghetti strap tops and anything that would bring attention to this part of my body. I felt comfortable wearing push-ups only, but then I was always afraid of the moment it will be obvious that my breasts are smaller than my cup size.

And then I met a person that showed me how to love them. To not expect perfection from them and appreciate them for what they are. Suddenly I discovered that there are actually some advantages of having small breasts, like being able to not wear a bra at all and still feeling comfortable. I started laughing that they are just concentrated type – take less space but have everything they need to make me happy.

I’m so grateful for the body-positive movement, I hope the next generations of girls (boys, transgender people) will never have to doubt their bodies. They give us so much pleasure, LOVE THEM TODAY, TOMORROW AND ALWAYS.


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