by Monika Kozub

showing women’s beauty & power

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Discover the versatile beauty of women on my photos and read their stories, learn how to reveal your inner goddess and get inspired by the incredible female energy. #nophotoshop #nobullshit


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In “Boudoir Talk” I talk about the experience of being a woman today. I interview women like you and me to hear their stories, and spread body-positive, feminist approach.



Hi there, I’m Monika



I’m an artist and feminist focused on showing women’s beauty and power with my photography, illustration and any other media I find suitable to shout out to the world about the importance of gender equality and the diversity of beauty. I want to speak for women and give them voice as well, that’s why I started a podcast Boudoir Talk. Join me on the journey of female empowerment, because the future is female and it starts today.

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Body Stories



Lie down and check your breasts with a hand

For Free



I write about my latest photo shoots, books, movies and anything that I find relevant to share with you. I hope this ca come as an inspiration and spark a conversation of what it means to be a woman nowadays.

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