Berlin Boudoir is my project in which I use all my creative resources to spread the message of body positivity, diversity of beauty and women empowerment. I take photos, create illustrations, record podcasts to give women a space to be seen and heard on their own terms.

With my personal approach to boudoir photography, I want to show that there are no rules of beauty and everyone should feel attractive and wonderful in their own body. I created 4 basic rules of Berlin Boudoir:

No Objectification

It’s all about woman feeling empowered in her own body, not for others to enjoy it.

Being Natural

You decide if you want to have full make-up and hairdo or not, it’s not about making you feel like you’re not yourself and only then saying you look great, I want you to feel attractive in your beloved oversized sweater.

Sensuality Before Sexuality

In the pursue of sexuality we lost connection with our sensuality, it’s time to bring it back. I’m not against showing your sexual side in the photo shoot, but I want to put it in the right order: sensuality first, sexuality second.

You set the limits

We will only go as far in the photo shoot as you wish, you should feel comfortable all the time. Don’t worry if you feel intimidated and shy in front of the camera. I’m there to help you relax. If you ever thought that you’re not photogenic – I take up the challenge.



Boudoir Photo Shoot

Sexy sensual photos in lingerie or semi/naked. At any point in your life, because you there's always a good time to celebrate your body, your life and giving yourself this unforgettable experience.

Boudoir Ladies Party

Group photo shoot of 8-15 women. If you're looking for a fun experience for a bachelorette or birthday party with the group of your girlfriends - this is for you! You're going to celebrate sisterhood and feel empowered in your femininity.

Couples Boudoir

Let the love rule! Immortalize the emotions you have for each other on the photos. Experience made for 2 people, both heterosexual and homosexual couples are welcome.

Portrait Photo Shoot

You want professional portraits for your business or just for private purposes, no nudity or lingerie involved.

Prices start at 75 per person. Send a message at info[at] to request the full welcome guide with pricing.

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Mailing address (not studio address): Monika Kozub, Reichenbergerstr. 120, 10999 Berlin, Germany